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"Forethought - The Understanding"

April 20, 2014
by Pastor Analee Dunn

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Sundays in April and Good Friday
 /files/Sermon Title Slide Images/4THOUGHT_WEB copy_1.jpgBefore God the Creator laid the foundation of the earth, He already knew that man’s fall would bring death, sickness and despair into the world; and He determined that Jesus would be the lamb slain for our sins.  But what kind of plan is that? Is it one designed by a loving God? Why would He create the world only to allow it to fall apart? This April, join us for Bethesda’s Easter series, 4Thought, and discover how the plan that began before Creation…the plan that led to the Cross…the plan that leads to fulfillment and life everlasting…is the same plan God has woven into the fabric of your own life! For more information, including sermon descriptions, please visit

  Sunday 4/6
  Sunday 4/13
  Friday 4/18
Sunday 4/20 
 Sunday 4/27
  "Foreword" "Foreshadow"

GRIEFSHARE SUPPORT GROUP -- A new series begins April 23.
Wednesdays at 7 PM
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The 13-week GriefShare program exists because no one who has experienced the loss of a loved one needs to face the grieving process alone. With a video-based format facilitated by people who understand the issues and hardships faced by the aggrieved, GriefShare leads its members on a journey to recovery. Prospec- tive GriefShare participants may contact Bethesda for the starting date of the next 13-week series; but many elect to join mid-series and attend any missed sessions during the next 13-week cycle. Regardless of your preference, we urge you to choose GriefShare and let the healing begin!

Still not sure if GriefShare is right for you? Please take a few moments to read the following testimony from one of Bethesda's recent GriefShare graduates.

"I attended the GriefShare class not knowing what to expect.  Having lost both of my parents within months of one another, I was skeptical that anyone could say or do anything to reduce my pain and sorrow.  But this class is like the first time you take medication for an ailment. The more you take it, the more your body responds to it; and before you know it, you start feeling better.  The GriefShare facilitators know exactly how to tend to a person's emotional pain and personal loss; and the key to their expertise is that each of them has also experienced the loss of a loved one. They establish a comfortable classroom environment where it feels natural to express personal  feelings.  Together with the facilitators and other class members, I was surrounded by people with feelings similar to mine; and as each of us expressed his or her feelings, we received total support and confidentiality in return.  Truly, I didn't believe I was going to feel better by attending GriefShare, but to my amazement, I did!  I realize that I am not 100% healed from my loss; and there isn't a day when I don't think about my parents. But the GriefShare facilitators provided me with tools to further help me during the healing process, so that I can start living again.  The GriefShare series is known as a "journey from mourning to joy," and that is exactly what I found it to be. I thank the GriefShare ministry for helping me get over the biggest hump of the grieving process. Its facilitators are all servants of God, and I wholeheartedly recommend the series to anyone who is in pain over the loss of a loved one. Take it from me: IT WORKS!"  - L. Buccitelli

Next Gathering: Tuesday, March 25 at 7 PM

Upcoming Gatherings:  April 22   May 20
/files/Women's Ministry images/Women At The Well.jpgOn one Tuesday evening per month, Bethesda's women gather in the Crystal Dining Room to worship, learn about women in the Bible, hear testimonies from ladies of the congregation, and to share friendship, insight and knowledge during small-group discussions. For more information, contact Bethesda's director of Women's Ministries, Rev. Julie Visger.

Every 3rd Thursday at 7 PM in the Family Center Auditorium

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By delving into God's Word, sharing testimonies and life-experiences, Bethesda's men are honing their skills as husbands, fathers, servants and leaders. Join them at 7 PM on the third Thursday of every month; and arrive early for refreshments and a filling man-food buffet. Want more information? Contact Rev. Pat Visger at the church office.

Tuesday Mornings at 9:30 AM - Crystal Room A

/files/Bible Study Images/Heroes Of Faith for website.jpgIt's not about hero worship; it's about studying the men and women of the Bible whose faith rose to heroic levels to the glory of God. If your faith could use a boost, learn from the experts cited in Hebrews 11. Their examples form the basis of Rev. Tim Helland's nine-month Bible study, Heroes of Faith. Join us this week, and bring a friend!


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At Bethesda, we are standing by to receive your prayer requests and/or to hear how the Lord has performed wonders in your own life or in the lives of your friends and loved ones. Just click the image at the left to find our online form.